Exemestane rarely results in adverse reactions when used properly, but excess dosages can lead to depression, reduced libido, Increased bad cholesterol levels, joint pains, nausea, flashes, clotting, dryness of the mucous membrane in the genitourinary area, brittle bones. It is necessary to take the drug before training or immediately after. The duration of the cycle shouldn’t exceed 4-6 weeks. Various bodily systems may also be affected digestion: constipation, diarrhea, decreased appetite, nervous system: migraine, drowsiness, dizziness, paresthesia, insomnia, cardiac and vascular systems: increased blood pressure. Common alternative drugs include Letrozole and Anastrozole, but they are somewhat more expensive, so most athletes usually choose Exemestane. Exemestane does not produce progestogenic or estrogenic activity, therefore, even at high dosages it does not affect the production of aldosterone and cortisol in the adrenal glands. Drug users are advised to reduce the dose immediately or to avoid the use completely in case of side effects. Restoratives like Cialis are often used by various athletes. Cialis stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, so muscle fibers receive a large amount of nutrients. Tablets are taken orally, without regard to meal times. Using Cialis in sports is a way to relax the vascular walls.

Apoxar Cialis General Description

Cialis is the safest and most popular type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

Apoxar Cialis Possible Side Effects

Many athletes are concerned about an alleged side effect – prolonged causeless erection.Buy steroids Canada

Novo-pharm Aromasin – Exemestane General Description

Exemestane is a steroid drug used in postmenopausal women to treat breast tumors. The drug is the most effective blocker – research has shown that due to irreversible binding of active hormone enzymes, it can inhibit the production of estrogen by 85 percent. In large single dosages, it also does not cause intoxication. Tadalafil is the drug’s active agent. Bodybuilders can regularly take stimulants to normalize sexual function and to restore complete sexual function. After intensive training, muscle pump will be preserved for a day and a half and not only during the training itself. Such worries are baseless, since Tadalafil does not act on its own – an erection occurs only in the presence of sexual arousal or under the influence of sexual stimulation. To eliminate the body’s tolerance to Tadalafil, it is necessary to exclude taking the drug on non-training days. This property increases blood flow to the muscles, which allows users to stimulate the metabolism and increase saturation of nutrients and oxygen. Due to reduced levels of estrogen in the body, the drug slows the growth of cancer cells, thus contributing to tumor dispersion. Exemestane is quickly absorbed into the blood, the peak active component concentration is reached 1.5-3 hours after administration.