What Comes in the box

1x Dolphin Nautilus Cleaner

Product Features and Technical Details

§  It can tackle different kinds of pool shapes such as oval, kidney, L-shape, rectangle or round.

§  It needs no support from a booster pump to work

§  Designed for pools not exceeding 500 meters in length.

§  Cleans the pool from the floor up to the waterline.

§  Its cartridge filters are good in trapping debris and dirt.

§  It has a brush system that penetrates the floor, preventing algae and bacteria formation.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Most of the users of this cleaner product were all happy with the turnout of their purchase. They say that they don’t have to worry https://www.robotvacuumarea.com/best-robotic-pool-cleaner/ about the cleaning anymore since the machine does it all by itself.

However, there were also a few who complained about the threads breaking in less than four weeks.

Pros of the Product

§  It Is Easy to Install

Some pool cleaners would take a lifetime for you to install, which is also one of the reasons why some people have second thoughts about buying a pool cleaner. If you are one of the doubters, then you can kiss your doubts goodbye because this Dolphin Nautilus Cleaner only takes a second to install. All thanks to its plug and play feature.

§  It Does not Make any Unwanted Noise

Talking about pool cleaners, you’d expect that the whole operation would be noisy, just like other mechanical machines. However, this robotic pool cleaner does not make any noise at all. While the machine is cleaning your pool, you can just relax on a bench without all the annoying sounds.

Cons of the Product

§  It Is Heavy

If your storage room is far away from the pool, then you are going to have a hard time moving the cleaner to where the pool is due to its heavy weight.

§  The Motor Is Expensive

Despite its motor’s durability, it still does not live forever. This is a problem because the motor replacement for these things is quite costly. The quality of these motors is not easily found, resulting to spending more money.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you want to sit back and relax while your pool is getting cleaned up, this robotic pool vacuum cleaner is perfect for you. While it’s not the priciest pool cleaner https://www.robotvacuumarea.com/ on the planet, it is also not the cheapest. It means you still need to invest a big amount of money on this. So, this is perfect for people who reserved enough money for pool cleaning.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is not a cheap investment. However, if you are already spending money on people to clean your pool, then you might as well use that money to buy the Dolphin Nautilus Cleaner. Buying this robotic pool cleaner is only a one-time payment.

3. The PoolCleaner

Brief Product Description

The PoolCleaner by Hayward is a line of pool https://www.robotvacuumarea.com/ cleaning products developed by the Poolvergnuegen Company. It has a self-adjusting turbine feature that allows you to navigate smoothly no matter the water pressure. It also does well to move through even when there is debris in your cleaner’s way.

If that is not enough to ensure that the cleaning is done smoothly, there are also the patented tires that work to strengthen your cleaner when there are obstacles in its way.